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Fictional Linguistics: Six Million Forms of Communication and Counting...
Worksheet: Lesson I.A: Consonants

For each of the consonants listed below, list three words in which that sound can be found.

Example: k__kitten,_cat,_actor__
  1. p_________________________
  2. t_________________________
  3. k_________________________
  4. b_________________________
  5. d_________________________
  6. g_________________________
  7. m_________________________
  8. n_________________________
  9. N_________________________
  10. f_________________________
  11. s_________________________
  12. h_________________________
  13. v_________________________
  14. z_________________________
  15. l_________________________
  16. T_________________________
  17. C_________________________
  18. r_________________________
  19. D_________________________
  20. J_________________________
  21. j_________________________
  22. S_________________________
  23. Z_________________________
  24. w_________________________
  25. ?_________________________
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