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A KICKS Academy Course:
Fictional Linguistics: Six Million Forms of Communication and Counting...
Course Syllabus

Sycamore Skywalker, instructor

The Fictional Linguistics class at the KICKS Academy is learning to create invented languages. Our class project is a language called TGL or Transgalactic Lingo.

Language Creation Kit by Mark Rosenfelder
How to Create a Language by Pablo Flores
Course Summary

A language exists on multiple levels

Sounds put together form Morphemes , the indivisible units of meaning that go together to form Words , which are arranged together in Phrases and Clauses and Sentences and beyond...

Sounds --> Morphemes --> Words --> Sentences

Fictional Linguistics chat room
Welcome to the Fictional Linguistics chat room

I. Sounds

  1. Consonants
  2. Vowels
  3. Stress, Pitch, and Tone
  4. Phonological Constraints: Why Languages Sound Unalike
  5. Orthography: Representing Sounds in Writing

II. Word Building Part One: From Sounds to Morphemes to Words
  • Preliminary exercises: Basic Vocabulary

III. Grammar: From Words to Sentences

  1. Grammar Class

    1. Inflecting, Agglutinating, and Isolating Languages
    2. Synthetic and Analytic Languages

  2. Word Classes

    1. Nouns
    2. Verbs
    3. Adjectives
    4. Conjunctions
    5. Pronouns
    6. Articles
    7. Particles
    8. Prepositions
    9. Interjections

  3. Word Order

    1. Noun Phrases
    2. Verb Phrases
    3. Other Phrases
    4. Sentences

  4. Clauses

    1. Relative
    2. Interrogative

  5. Questions
  6. Negation

IV. Style
V. Language Families

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Syllabus Lesson I: Sounds, Part A: Consonants Worksheet: Lesson I.A: Consonants Textbooks: Lang. Const. Kit and How to Create a Lang.
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