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Fictional Linguistics: Six Million Forms of Communication and Counting...

Six Million Forms of Communication and Counting...

If you've read Tolkien, you've experienced the magic of invented languages. The little snippets of his Elvish, Orcish, Rohirrim and other languages in The Lord of the Rings add a fascinating depth to the world (as well as giving many people something to do in their spare time: studying, yea even speaking, the languages of Middle-earth).

Invented languages are frequently found in some of the best science fiction and fantasy stories (Anyone here speak Huttese?) and always seem to add a delightful element to the worlds for which they were created. But they can be useful even if not connected with a story - as communication for secret societies, perhaps. And apart from all their uses, invented languages are simply a fun and creative way to exercise your imagination.

So, whether you're fluent in over six million forms of communication or just getting by in your native tongue, come find your seat quickly before class begins, and join us in learning how to create a language of your own!

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Syllabus Lesson I: Sounds, Part A: Consonants Worksheet: Lesson I.A: Consonants Textbooks:Lang. Const. Kit and How to Create a Lang.
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